Off-topic, but it was a magistrate who granted a DOJ request to quash an arrest warrant for the fugitive terrorist Elizabeth Ann Duke in 2009. Not only did the magistrate not have a right to do so, but she falsely claimed that the DOJ lawyer had given good reason for the request (no reason at all was given). When this was brought to the court's attention in a suit filed a year later, DC Circuit Court Judge Merrick Garland supported the magistrate's dismissal of the arrest warrant and repeated the falsehood that good reason had been given by DOJ. Duke was associated with the Weathermen and had become a fugitive in 1985.

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wasn't Rheinhart the judge that accepted Trump's RICO case against Hillary et al?

Then recused himself?

Good grief....

I'm not even sure what a federal magistrate judge does - but now I know they approve warrants.

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Aug 9, 2022·edited Aug 9, 2022

Aside from their visceral hatred for Trump - a viable reason for which nobody on either side of the political aisle has ever been able to articulate - this is about burying the overwhelming evidence of the stolen election which, nearly two years after the fact, isn’t going down the memory hole as desired.

They got caught (Trump even predicted it) and they REFUSE to acknowledge or accept the fact that the American electorate had rejected their destructive agenda.

“Pride goeth before a fall”

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from el gato malo:

you don’t go pick some plausible pretext and neutral looking system. you pick the worst, most captured and flagrant judge you can find and trump up some real nonsense. this was not an accident, it was an expression of power.

just what is one trying to say [by this]?

we are corrupt, we are everywhere, and we are untouchable.


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So DOJ went dumpster diving for a warrant against POTUS.

I admit I assumed that they were taking care this time to make sure all the tees were crossed, etc...

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Trump should have drained the swamp while he had the chance. Now they will destroy him. Sad times for anyone who loves liberty.

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Much smarter people than me will pour over all of the details of this episode, scour any and all pertinent laws, policies and procedures then publish a full well researched cogent opinion on what is currently driving the Country’s biased ink and video machine into overdrive hoping that conclusions will be drawn on their incomplete, first to press assessments.

I will wait for that report I hope patiently then form my opinion.

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