When Do The Wheels Totally Come Off?

A few things have become clear about the Covid Regime at this point.

One is that the regime was instituted very much in the spirit of not letting a crisis go to waste. While the Covid Regime was probably put in place in an opportunistic way initially--spurred by the initial lockdown--it seems clear that the ruling elites have been planning for the institution of such a regime for possibly decades. The gaming of such crises--whether opportunistic or instigated remains an open question--has been going on for a long time, and has involved all elements of the ruling elites: governing, military, financial, media, you name it.

The timeline for this is intimately connected to the question of motive. It appears increasingly clear that there was reason to believe that something was afoot in Wuhan as far back as October or November (probably at the latest) of 2019. The question is, to what extent was the ruling elite surprised when the virus spread to the US? It appears that many were initially taken by surprise and even downplayed what was going on. However, by April at the latest the potential benefits to be derived from creating or fanning the flames of a pandemic panic had become apparent to our rulers: they were all in.

The implementation followed: Media fanned panic, the suppression of reliable information, propagation of false information, suppression of known effective treatments. All that has continued, and been supplemented with public control mandates of various sorts, culminating with the "vaccine" mandates that threaten to ostracize virtually half the population. The goal is to force the populace to accept the injection of gene based medications that--contrary to the public messaging--are neither safe nor effective and are untested in any truly meaningful sense.

All this, we now know, was done consciously--including the suppression of true information and the propagation of false or counterfeit 'information.' This has gone hand in hand with the open censoring of any speech or dissenting voices that differed from the official 'narrative'. Again, this was all clearly done with a view to enforcing ever stricter social controls over the subject population.

The second thing that has become clear--and several studies over the weekend confirm this--is that the truth is, despite these measures, gradually coming out. The very real dangers of the injections, the malign intent of the rulers toward large demographics, the irrationality and anti-science nature of the measures that were undertaken—supposedly—in the name of 'science.' All of this is coming to light as the mandates are beginning to impinge on real life in ways that are increasingly spreading beyond a few empty shelves. We've seen these mandates beginning to have real life or death consequences as hospitals begin to suffer severe staffing shortages, causing shutdowns in services--because so many of the trained personnel with the most firsthand exposure to the virus and the injections have weighed the risks and benefits and made firm decisions against being injected.

OK, that's a long introductory sketch. Another way to approach what's going on is presented in an interesting article by an English professor. He has noted the susceptibility of the Left of society--and that largely includes all the ruling elites--to apocalyptic. Apocalyptic as a way of reacting to reality has a history pretty much as long as human history. In its essence it's a way of injecting or forcing 'meaning'--albeit in a non-rational way--into human existence. It's standard fare for the Left:

While the apocalyptic style is commonly thought to be confined to religious discourse, it is increasingly employed for non-religious, progressive purposes, on issues like climate change, and yes, COVID-19.

When most people hear the term “apocalypse,” they think of the end of the world. Strictly speaking, though, apocalypse isn’t an event, it is a genre­—it is a particular type of speech or text. An apocalypse, then, is when a speaker reveals a vision or signs that show how the end of things will come about. A certain fatalism defines these texts: the end that is foretold is often cataclysmic, a future violent upheaval that will be difficult (if not impossible) to avert. Whether they be religious or secular, it must be understood that the function of all apocalyptic rhetoric is to persuade some audience to change its behavior. If you can convince a person that some catastrophe is imminent—whether that catastrophe is divine judgment or death from COVID—you can probably convince them to take action to avoid that fate.

You can quibble around the edges. Change behavior, or accept measures by the authorities? It amounts to the same thing in the end.

What the author, who has a special interest in apocalyptic rhetoric, has noted is that conscious deception appears to involved in the current Covid Panic. This clearly goes to the issue of planning and/or instigation that we raised above. The author sees that the Left/Prog ruling elites don't really believe the apocalyptic rhetoric that they encourage and, at times, cynically employ. This is apparent in the form of social hypocrisy, of course--the rules-are-for-the-little-people attitude of the Newsoms, Pelosis, and others. But it also appears in official establishment texts--albeit texts not likely to be noticed by the general public.

The author cites a document in The Lancet--a UK medico-scientific publication that is considered one of the most prestigious journals of its type: “Lancet COVID-19 Commission Statement on the occasion of the 75th session of the U.N. General Assembly.”

The beginning of the statement explains that the COVID commission was formed “to assist governments, civil society, and U.N. institutions in responding effectively to the pandemic.” While it is of note that the medical establishment is openly working with an international political body like the United Nations, what follows is even more disturbing.

The statement outlines the four central goals of the commission:

[1] suppressing the pandemic by means of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions; [2] overcoming humanitarian emergencies including poverty, hunger, and mental distress, caused by the pandemic; [3] restructuring public and private finances in the wake of the pandemic; and [4] rebuilding the world economy in an inclusive, resilient, and sustainable way.

Who thinks that medical and scientific geeks put out a statement like this without input from their political masters? Not me. It doesn't take much reflection to realize that, past #1, these "central goals" run far beyond the legitimate scope or means of the medical establishment to address. Not to put too fine a point on it, this is communication among the elites who know that the Covid Panic is artificial but have embraced it for their own purposes--and the author isn't shy about identifying those purposes. :

Aren’t these ... objectives (and the collusion between international political bodies and professionals to achieve them) the very substance of what some have termed “The Great Reset”—an idea smeared as a “baseless conspiracy theory” by the same prophetic experts who interpret the signs of our coming doom?

“You will own nothing but you will be happy.”

That's the typical flip side of apocalyptic catastrophe panics, the selling point--what Tolkien refers to as eucatastrophe: the sudden rescue from disaster and the institution of a happy ending.

Is this not the script of the "prophetic experts" of the Great Reset? Or, in the words of The Lancet, a world order, faced with disaster, is to be restored in line with Prog ideology: inclusive, resilient, and sustainable. Hey, presto! Of course, you can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs. We're the eggs. That’s the bad news that the rank and file Dems voters haven’t figured out. In fact, they’re so much in thrall to apocalyptic ideology that they’re largely unable to recognize the threat.

And the point is that, at a fairly early date, the ruling elites saw the breakage coming. That's the point that Karl Denninger makes in two posts today.

In They All Lied. Throw Them They All Out NOW he simply documents what the studies that have been coming out are telling us. KD, of course, doesn't use the dispassionate style of scientific journals. However, he makes the important point that the lying that we've been subjected to is conscious lying. It's not a noble lie, told for our supposed good. It was all predictable. These are conscious, ignoble lies, told with conscious and malign intent. We know this because, as KD says, we know that THEY know the real facts [quote edited]:

The Government has been analyzing CMS data. That should not come as a shock; they have the medical records for every person over 65. They know, in real time, the health status of everyone over 65 because, statistically speaking, everyone over 65 is on Medicare. They have the records they pay for it.

The US Government has been analyzing this data through Project Salus.

Follow the link for the gory details. What THEY, the government, know is that:

  • The injections are not effective--they don't stop infection or spread;

  • What limited protection they offer is strictly time limited to a few months;

  • They are not safe; and

  • 'Natural immunity' is far better than anything Big Pharma has on offer in terms of prevention.

There's something else that THEY know, and that they knew all along:

There were always safe and effective treatments for Covid. Suppressing that truth, propagating false information--disinformation--and suppressing the use of those treatments led to probably the great majority of Covid related deaths, however you calculate them. Consider:

To those who took the jabs under coercion: This is proof they knew damn well they were lying when they put the mandate in place without which you would not have consented. The same is true for data, which they have, on what works in existing drugs. They knew, for example, as I documented last year, that COPD/Emphysema sufferers died at a lower than normal rate last year. How is this possible for a viral respiratory disease that invades the lungs? They knew that too -- its the inhaled steroids those people are commonly using as a maintenance drug; rather than offer them to you they sent your loved ones home until they choked to death. Likewise the same data is in their systems for chronic users of others drugs (such as HCQ) for Lupus, RA, and other conditions and whether they work, on the evidence, across millions of people.


And beyond. To all who were complicit.

All this is now coming to light, as is broadening awareness of the social and economic harms caused by the mandates. Dissatisfaction is mounting, and it's coming in the face of rising discontent over the manifold--and increasing--failures of the Zhou regime. If you look at the history of apocalyptic movements, this is how they all end: disaster. Even such seemingly monolithic forms of apocalyptic as the movements of Leftist totalitarian--of which the Great Reset is merely a high tech iteration--end up collapsing under the pressure of reality. Those who thought they could take advantage of a crisis to Build Back Better may be on the verge of discovering that that's much easier said than done. They may also be about to discover that they're not immune to the consequences of failure.

In Supply Collapse: Inevitable? Denninger delves into some of the impacts that the mandates are having throughout the economy. Those who have been following the steady stream of articles about the dangers of a supply chain collapse will understand what he's talking about. By now most of us have seen some empty shelves, perhaps sporadically. But far more than groceries stand to be affected by supply chain problems--our economy relies critically on all sorts of things that most of us can barely imagine.

KD focuses on cargo shipping--how "stuff" gets here. Because so much of the "stuff" this country needs to keep running comes from abroad on ships. Even the "stuff" that we make here is often dependent in one way or another on parts  that come from abroad. And not just manufactured goods in the usual sense, but drugs as well. The supply chain problems will also extend far beyond the ships sitting at sea right now. Truckers are in short supply--or high demand, depending on your point of view. As KD says:

There is data out there at this point that says it is now taking roughly a month for a ship to be able to dock and offload its cargo -- an unthinkable concept just a year or two ago.

Sure, there were strikes by longshoreman and various other events, but this is not that.

This is from mandates and the impact they're having.

People are tired of the crap and saying "screw that" up and down the line.

And that's the bottom line: People.

The supply chain ultimately depends on people.

You have seafaring people who haven't been able to go ashore in a year due to these mandates and lockdowns. When their contracts are up will they stay on or say "screw that" and walk off? What are you going to do if they walk off? This place requires that vax, this one another one and so on. This place is locked down entirely, the next won't let you into a restaurant, etc.

And the ships can't offload unless there are trucks ready to take the "stuff" elsewhere.

Oh, you think this is just about a few empty spaces in the store shelf? Uh, nope. It's literally impossible to know how all these moving parts in the economy are connected together but what is certain is that imposing any sort of movement constraint on people who are not compelled to work -- and nobody can be compelled to work at their capacity -- runs the risk of said decisions causing critical supply shortages, skyrocketing prices -- or both.

It's been more than 18 months since this insanity started and all the slack that was in the supply chain is now gone -- plus some.

In America people have become used to more or less expecting a eucatastrophe--a happy ending. Muddling through, getting back to normal. Eighteen months of craziness for no good reason is a lot to put up with. Patience is wearing thin. More pressure could lead to unpredictable results, but history tells us that when events are being forced by apocalyptic ideologies nothing good is likely to result.