What Would You Bet If The Odds Were One In A Thousand?

And Other Covid Updates

You may have seen this already, but …

As indicated, the risk is overwhelmingly for young men. One in a thousand might seem like pretty good odds, but …

This is still the short term, it’s only one side effect, and this is for the rest of your life. The other choice, of course, is to do nothing. The chances of regretting that for the subject population are just about nil. Also, if you’re female the long term effects may be different because, well, men and women are different.

You can read more about the presentation on Covid “side effects” at the recent FDA meeting here:

Experts warn of COVID vaccine risks at FDA hearing: ‘The vaccines kill more than they save’

‘We have an unclear need with unclear motivation, significant safety concerns, poor evidence of sustained boost efficacy, and wrong priorities,’ said Dr. David Wiseman, a top Johnson & Johnson researcher.

You may have been hearing about shortages of ICU beds. Those beds haven’t gone anywhere—just the staff required to use the beds:

Really makes you wonder, doesn’t it? With the risks for the likely demographic so slight, why the willingness to shed skilled staff with little likelihood of replacing them any time soon? It’s almost as if saving health and lives isn’t much of a priority for the management.

A reminder:

Very much related:

Gotta luv this zinger that Malone gets in on Gates:

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