Mandate Roundup

My apologies. For two days I’ve had car troubles to deal with—all taken care of, now. However, I’m playing catch up, a bit.

There are some important stories out on the mandate front that I urge everyone to check out—if you haven’t already.

To start with, Sundance has a super important post today. We’ve all seen the articles about weird objects noticed in the injection fluid. That has led to all sorts of speculation, but Sundance nails it down to something both plausible and specific:

Did Klaus Schwab and World Economic Forum [WEF] Admit The COVID Vaccine Injects Traceable Markers? Their Promoted “COVIDPass” Blood Test Requires Them

Sundance has a thorough discussion of this issue, which I highly recommend. I’ll give you the short version. First, he links a WEF video—it’s less than 2 minutes—in which they propose a CovidPass based on a blood test:

Now, as Sundance explains, the key to this is basically pretty simple:

The entire premise of the World Economic Forum’s “COVIDPass” is predicated on a blood test being able to identify whether a person has been vaccinated or not.

As he explains, right now the only way to get a Vax Passport (or whatever you want to call it) is to be registered in some system—entered in a database—as having received the injection. You don’t take a blood test. In fact, as Sundance points out:

If you were to go into a doctors office, blood lab or hospital right now and tell them you needed a blood test to prove you have been vaccinated, they would look at you like you’re a crazy person. Their response would be for you to contact your healthcare provider -where the vaccine shot was given- to get the verification or duplicate authentication you would need to prove you have been vaccinated.

And yet …

As Sundance points out, somehow the WEF knows this is actually possible. They know that there’s something about those injections that allows verification via blood test. In other words:

The WEF proposal is based on a blood sample, or a blood test, to prove you have been vaccinated. The only way that is possible is if the vaccine itself carries some form of marker that permanently stays (at a cellular level) in your body which can then be detected in a blood test.

Clearly the WEF knew about this. The question is, why didn’t the general public know about this? The answer to that question is simplicity itself: Because the people in the know didn’t want us to know. If we had known that up front, imagine what the level of vax resistance would be! And, of course, what other capabilities of nano technology might have been included in the injections—or may be included in their boosts? Detecting via blood test whether you’ve been injected is undoubtedly only the tip of the iceberg.

The WEF presents this as a safety measure and a convenience measure, but the possibilities—no, the certainties—for social control deriving from this system should be immediately obvious.

With that very much in mind, I also highly recommend that you read this article at American Thinker:

The Unvaccinated Are Looking Smarter Every Week

The article is a very thorough but readable review of the data—including adverse event data from both the US and Europe. In that regard, the author points out that VAERS is reporting 16K deaths (never mind other serious events) while the far more reliable EU database has 26K within close time proximity to the injection. You can count on it, therefore, that the US numbers are artificially low.

The author concludes—without even raising any of the issues that Sundance does—with the threat to our liberties:

If we allow the government to decide this medical decision for us, it is a short step for the government to say it can decide other medical decisions for you, e.g., all persons over 75 never be resuscitated; people may have only three children (or two or one) with mandatory sterilization for women; or refusing the government’s demands will see you denied health care.

Is this the totalitarian state you want to live in? If you are proudly vaccinated now and on the government side, what about the next government mandate, when you’re on the other side, coerced into a decision you don’t want, how will you feel then?

Next, we have two updates on the mandate front here in the US, and the pushback that’s coming from unions.

First, Thomas Lifson has a very thorough description of what’s going on in Chicago, where the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) is strongly pushing back against a mandate from the mayor. I highly recommend this article. Of course, it’s one of quite a few similar work actions taking place, but Chicago remains a major Blue stronghold which is in meltdown mode for a variety of reasons—crime being at the top of the list.

Lifson cites similar examples from San Diego and Los Angeles, and concludes by quoting the head of the FOP:

"We have a profession that nobody wants to work in," Catanzara said on Fox News Thursday night. "It gave us a little bit stronger position. You can't lay off or get rid of thousands of cops because you'll never replace them. We can't even replace what we've got now."

Second, Fox has a fascinating article on mandates and the “supply chain,” this time focusing not on shipping but on trucking.

Vaccine mandate would deepen supply-chain problems, trucker warns

There are more than 3.5M truck drivers in America

There are currently 63,000 trucking jobs open. This is a skilled occupation, like so many of the other vax-resistant occupations. A mandate that is resisted will have a ripple effect in many ways, just as it has in LE, in health care, and in other occupations:

A vaccine mandate order by President Biden would further complicate supply chain bottlenecks that have developed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to J.B. Hunt Transportation Services.


... "I don't see it really helping the situation much other than confusion in the supply chain even more."

Um, is there anyone who actually thinks “helping the situation” has anything to do with mandates?

A mandate would likely result in drivers who are skeptical of the vaccine choosing another line of work or staying home, as has happened in other professions where workers were forced to choose between their health concerns and job.

Trucking executives say the industry is grappling with the most severe labor shortage in almost four decades as the industry was facing a 60,000-driver shortfall before the pandemic.

The inability to find drivers has exacerbated the logjam at U.S. ports which has led to shortages and higher consumer costs.

The Biden administration earlier this week ordered the Port of Los Angeles, the nation’s busiest container port, to operate around the clock in order to ease the congestion of tens of thousands of containers. However, scaling up those operations could take months as was the case at the nearby Port of Long Beach, California.

King Canute of England famously ordered the tide to stop coming in to shore.

But it’s not just a shortage of truck drivers that is causing the delays. Customer warehouses are also dealing with a worker shortage, which slows down turnaround times.

All this is happening with a background of a 36/61 poll rating for the Zhou regime. Things will get worse.