Important Stories 10/5/21

Obviously I can’t summarize all important stories, but I want to provide links to stories that caught my attention. YMMV. Check ‘em out:

Vaccine Mandates From Private Employers Are Destroying American Livelihoods

'Okay, you’re going to require me now to get this? Obviously, the booster shots are right behind it. It’s a never-ending cycle. What else are you going to tell me to do?'

The Democratic Megadonor and The Rising Crime Rate

However, while removing Soros-backed DA’s is a good first step toward restoring public safety, simply ousting the existing cadre of radical prosecutors may only be a temporary solution to a much deeper problem. Soros shows no signs of relenting in the use of his vast wealth to attempt to transform America, and he is hardly alone. Earlier this year, the New York Times reported that Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss had quietly donated $208 million from 2016 to 2020 to help Democrats retake Congress and the White House, even as they baselessly accused Republicans of colluding with Russian businesses.

In the case of both Wyss and Soros, donations were channeled through a series of opaque organizations in order to bypass campaign finance laws and obscure the original source of the funds. …

Even as Democrats continue to publicly voice opposition dark money in politics, their actions have made plain that they intend only to root out and expose Republican donors for the sole purpose of public shaming and harassment, leaving their own vast anonymous funding network untouched. As a result, progressive-minded billionaires like Soros have been free to quietly infiltrate the political infrastructure of towns and cities across the United States without fear of reprisal, attempting to radicalize American society from inside government institutions. While Republicans may celebrate if they retake Congress next year and the White House in 2024, they would be remiss to ignore the creeping influence of billionaire activists in their own backyard, lest their constituents suffer at the hands of local authorities who have no interest in enforcing the law.

Vermont — 76% of September Covid deaths were Fully Vaccinated…

The UK has Fallen – 81% of Covid-19 deaths are among the Vaccinated, Male Teen Deaths have rised by 63% since they were offered the jab, Covid-19 Deaths are 12 times higher than this time last year…

Yes—totally on fire.

Uh oh! Malone goes THERE: