Briefly Noted: McCabe

This needs to be brief because I need to take a car in for work this morning.

I mentioned this development late yesterday—Merrick Garland is intent on reminding us that he’s no more than a puppet of the Zhou regime and unfit for any public office. What better way than restoring all employment benefits to McCabe?

At the same time, I wasn’t unduly worked up. I assume that this is a move by the regime to obstruct, if possible, Durham’s investigation. And yet, Durham appears to have forged ahead in the past months when the regime had a better standing with the public, so he seems unlikely to back down from where he’s headed. Almost certainly not quietly.

The other consideration in the back of my mind last night was that, once empaneled, a Grand Jury can be difficult to thwart. If they’ve been presented evidence of wrong doing in high places they can insist on action. That may not happen often, but it can happen. It’s also true that, having done their job, the GJ loses control over the case, but if the Special Counsel is in agreement with the Grand Jury it would likely be extremely difficult for DoJ to do much about anything that the GJ and SC decide upon. In other words, I think this move by DoJ will not affect Durham’s decision to indict McCabe.

I have no expertise in these matters. My experience with grand juries was that they were largely compliant, although prosecutors had a healthy respect and even some fear of grand juries that got really involved in a case and took the bit between their teeth. At any rate, it’s not clear to me that DoJ is dealing from a position of strength at this point. Obviously there aren’t many lawyers out there who have dealt with identical situations, but we can hope that lawyers with more experience in dealing with similar situations will be commenting today. If so we may get a clearer picture.

This morning Shipwreckedcrew added to his own brief comment last night. He obviously believes that nothing DoJ has done so far will stop Durham with regard to McCabe. Nor will Durham be impressed by MSM spin about McCabe being “cleared”.