A Salutary Reminder From SWC

Recall that just the other day in Lawyer Games I mentioned this:

Back in the day, as it now seems, when we were all momentarily expecting major indictments from Durham—late Spring, no, make that July, no wait, September—I several times made the point that everything Durham was doing showed that his investigative road led straight to Team Mueller. There was the whole Flynn case, for example. Then there was the FISA, which was renewed as a priority for Team Mueller, with the help of some creative writing by Kevin Clinesmith. Later, we saw Special Agent Barnett’s 302, in which he shared his views on Team Mueller ops with Durham.

All these people—Van Grack in the Flynn case, Clinesmith, and Barnett—are relatively low level figures on Team Mueller, but they do possess inside knowledge and were subject to direction from above. They may be able to implicate other more important players. One of those players would be Andrew Weissmann, who had a finger in virtually every anti-Trump pie, and that may include matters we’re not even aware of. All three of the named individuals above would have interacted with Weissmann, who played a key role on Team Mueller. Did Weissmann know anything about the Alfa Bank hoax, too? On the one hand, that might not matter, given Weissmann’s involvement in so much else, but I would never discount the possibility, simply based on his connections. After all, we know that he met directly with Chris Steele, with Strzok, and with Bruce Ohr during the 2016 campaign, in late September and October—and likely afterwards as well. Did I just mention Bruce Ohr? Yes, I did. He still exists. The possibilities are virtually endless. But all roads—including Team Mueller—lead to the Hillary campaign.

This evening shipwreckedcrew reminds his readers of exactly that angle:

Here’s the thing. We know about Van Grack from the Flynn case. We know about Clinesmith from the Carter Page FISA. None of that means that they don’t have information to offer about other matters. They were there. They were supervised by major players like Weissmann, they consulted, they were at meetings, they heard the scuttlebutt, and etc. These guys are cooperators. It’s possible that that Barnett is a cooperator as well, althought I’m more than happy to go along with SWC’s view that Barnett is a whistleblower. Certainly his 302 read like he was a guy who was delighted to share his views on Team Mueller. And he was the lead FBI investigator. He was there, too. No single one of these guys has to make the whole conspiracy case. They may only have a few relevant tidbits to offer, but it all adds up.